Custom Tables

Elevate your home with the timeless beauty of Stonefly Studio’s custom tables – where cherished memories meet craftsmanship. You envision it, we create it. Showcase your favorite river, special event, artwork or all three; set the perfect height, specify the size, choose your epoxy resin color and let us bring your vision to life. Our custom epoxy hardwood tables are more than furniture; with Stonefly Studio, you have the power to capture your unique story and design your own legacy. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each table, from the initial design process to the finished product, ensuring that every detail reflects your personal touch.

The featured photo transforms a small space into a cozy living space that is uniquely you with an elegant small bar table built for two.

Handpicked Hardwood

Boards are handpicked to ensure quality, beauty, and functionality. Cherry is our standard hardwood, however, the customer can choose a wood type.

River Map Artwork

Choose your river map from over 500 Stonefly Studio orgianal maps or we can create a river or lake map just for you. Not into rivers? Opt for artwork and personalization only tables.

Epoxy Resin

Our standard table top features blue epoxy resin for the river map and personalization. The top can be customized with a different color or even multiple resin colors.


Standard iron legs are used for coffee and entry tables. All tables can be customized with custom iron legs or wooden legs.


Standard personalization is part of the package and includes available art, name, inscription, date, cabin icon, and, of course, a title. Custom artwork is also a possibility to make your table special.

Custom Sizes

Custom tables are made to fit custom spaces. We work with the customer to fit the space. Minimum size is 16×22 inches and Maximum size is 4×8 feet. Size factors are space, river map, and art.

For the perfect blend of form and function, our tables come with iron legs as a standard feature for coffee tables, providing both stability and style. Personalization is a hallmark of Stonefly Studio, allowing you to infuse your table with sentimental value that goes beyond its exquisite design. Whether it’s a cozy coffee table or a grand centerpiece up to 4′ x 8′, our custom sizes cater to your individual needs.

At Stonefly Studio, we don’t just create tables; we craft legacies. Transform your space with a piece that tells your story, a table designed by you, and perfected by us. Preserve the moments that matter most – with Stonefly Studio, where memories become masterpieces.