Lodges & Guides

Lodge Decor
Create a Stunning Focal Point

Create a stunning focal point of interest to capture your guests’ attention when they arrive at your lodge with an original Stonefly Studio River Map Wall Art masterpiece. Crafted with attention to quality, detail, and artistic beauty by our artesian, it can be customized to fit your geographical location and clientele audience.

Enhance Client Appreciation

Further enhance your customers stay with a custom handcrafted River Map Cribbage Board in the lodge lounge so they can kick back, relax, and play a game of cribbage during a little down time. Keep them talking about you once they leave by gifting them one of our beautifully handcrafted fly boxes or cribbage boxes as a lasting memento of their memorable experiences. Stonefly Studio’s personalized fly boxes make great appreciation gifts for your guides as well.

Corporate River Map Product
Personalized Fly Boxes
Guide Gifts and Gifts for Guides

Guides keep your clients returning to have you help them find that special fishing spot and landing the fish of the day. Give them a personalized river map fly box as a parting appreciation gift. Not only will they return to you, but they will recommend you to all their fishing buddies!

Conversely, clientele, did you love your fly fishing guide and did he or she help you catch the big one? Show them how much you appreciated their help and patience with a Stonefly River Map Fly Box sporting their favorite river, fish art, name, and a special inscription or quote.

Stonefly Studio offers large volume pricing when purchasing multiple items for gifting as a business and for corporate events being held at your venue.

Do you have a gift shop? Stonefly Studio’s River Map products will make a great addition to it; we offer wholesale pricing for your resell market.