Our Goal

At Stonefly Studio, our goal is to help others preserve special memories in life with a unique and personal handcrafted item that can be handed down through generations.  Our fly boxes began out of that goal.  It is my desire to handcraft and custom design each River Map Fly Box or gift to meet the need of anyone who is looking for more than something off the shelf.


Stonefly Studio is a small Montana business that handcrafts, designs, and custom engraves quality hardwood fly boxes, business card/fly display holders, and other specialty items for the fly fishing industry.

Like a lot of small businesses, Stonefly Studio started out as a hobby.  After my son and I joined the Magic City Fly Fishers we started attending the weekly fly tying classes.  There I discovered the need for my son to have a portable table.  It wasn’t long before another member of the club asked, “Could you build me one of those?”  Of course, then you need to be able to display your favorite flies.  And what better way to display your favorite flies but in a box with your favorite river on it.  Hence, the River Map Fly Box was born.  The rest is history.

Handcrafted Quality

River map fly boxes are made in our shop from handpicked boards and individually handcrafted with great care regarding quality and detail. At Stonefly Studio we work on bringing out the natural color and woodgrain in each of our fly boxes. The boxes undergo hand sanding, and we use clear lacquer. We never stain our wood so each box retains its own individuality and beauty. The river maps are hand drawn then customized on the computer to fit on our fly boxes. Once the fly boxes are crafted and the design work is done, the boxes are individually placed and engraved in the laser engraver which receives its instructions from the computer like a printer.