Now Available – Our Limited Edition Old Faithful Inn Area Map Plaque handcrafted from 1961 Yellowstone Pine from Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park. This 1961 Yellowstone Pine was used in the rebuild work of Old Faithful Inn following the Hebgen Lake earthquake of 1959. It was subsequently removed from Old Faithful Inn during the major restoration of the the Inn during 2004 – 2010.

Old Faithful Inn Map Plaque
Old Faithful Inn Map Plaque – Click to Order

The Plaques are Limited Editions. Only 190 of these plaques will be handcrafted for individual sales. Ten more of these plaques will be handcrafted to be sold in our 1961 Yellowstone Pine Yellowstone National Park Plaque Sets. The total number of the Old Faithful Inn Plaques from the 1961 Yellowstone Pine will be 200 as we have a limited amount of the wood. The numbering for these individual plaques will begin 11/190.  Plaques come with a Certificate of Authenticity for the 1961 Yellowstone Pine.

The Plaques are 5×7 with burned edges to commemorate the great 1988 fires in the Park and  have a historical write up on the back about the 1961 Yellowstone Pine, Old Faithful Inn, and the 1988 Fires.  The Artwork of Old Faithful Inn was drawn specifically for this plaque by Montana artist Millette.  Each plaque will have its own individual look due to the uniqueness of the reclaimed pine.  Restoring the pine to a usable state is a process which includes removing paint from many of the boards.

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Own A Piece of Old Faithful Inn – 1961 Yellowstone Pine Old Faithful Inn Area Plaque